The Story Begins as Another Ends

Reaching the end of active duty Army, the thought of "What now" began to fester louder and louder in my mind. Looking back on the time of homebuilding, finish carpentry, plans and operations - and then my time in the Army Engineers, it came to be that serving others just can't go by the side.

Army trained me in my attention to detail and the building industry showed me how it all goes and works together. This blend lends itself to the inspection industry. After years of military service, it is my pleasure to branch out locally to serve my community that has kept me inspired to stay close to home.

About Solid Ground


A home inspection should be an easy decision for a home buyer or anyone who is interested in getting the best look at a home before making large budget decisions on it.

Having someone who enjoys the housing market as much I do helps ensure your inspection goes smooth. Not technically exhaustive, but a functional system check of the home with clear and concise observations and reporting.

Solid Ground offers just that, a solid position that you can trust your investment with. Give us a try and see the result.

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